We Love You, Kevin Dumont!

Posted by Mak on 11:24

Kevin likes sex. He likes sex a lot. Even in my most rampant days I had trouble keeping up with him. He can keep going for hours, and take on any number of partners without breaking a sweat. He describes himself as "trysexual" on his profile, with the tagline "You wheel it in, I will consider it". I've been with him, and so has nearly everyone I know.

He's also very generous and will often hand out sympathy shags to desperate men and women, and first time shags to newbies. One such noob approached Kevin on Friday, saying he was about to go into the Marines and wanted to try gay sex - and of course, Kevin agreed to show him the ropes. Having shot his load, the jerk proceeded to call Kevin a filthy fag and tell him he would burn in hell for being an unChristian pervert.

Needless to say, Kevin was pretty upset by this, and called me over for a chat and a cuddle. I did my best to cheer him up, inwardly seething. I don't know how gay men put up with this in the real world. I have experienced racial abuse in RL (try being the only Asian-looking guy at your school), but it was never so direct or so aggressive. I was ashamed to be straight. So for the record, can I say that we're not all like that, Kev, and you keep on doing what you love best - shag your heart out, baby. We love you, Kevin Dumont!