Antisocial Behaviour

Posted by Mak on 10:40

Masahiro called me over to the new home he is sharing with Johnny Sumbula, his partner, yesterday: he had just escaped from a conversation with Dazzle Gastel, his neighbour, who owns every plot of land surrounding Masa's except for one plot, which boasts an ugly building erected by a newbie who hasn't been onworld for months. Masa had put his plot up for sale at 16000$L which is slightly above the market price - only slightly, mind you: it is comparable to the price I paid for my 512sqm plot 6 months ago - and the neighbour was trying to negotiate a lower price, hoping to buy Masa's land and join all his plots together. Masa showed me the conversation he had had with the guy, which he saved, so what I say next comes from first hand evidence.

Having failed to beat Masa down in the first volley, Gastel proceeded to insult: a) the Japanese (for not having the business sense of other Asian people), b) gays (for being uppity) and c) Masa's "boring" house (which he built himself and is a nice, clean modern style). He also commented on how ugly the plot was due to all his own No Entry signs, and how Masa had no hope of selling it to anyone else because of these signs and its inaccessibility. Needless to say, Masa was highly annoyed by the guy's attitude and refused to sell to him for less than 16,000$L.

Being a straight man in RL, I was pissed off at this. Masahiro is a very, very nice guy and one of my closest friends, and after the fiasco with Kevin on Friday morning, I was feeling a little oversensitive to this sort of thing. I bought Masa's land from him, renamed it Temple of the Groaning Wood - the home of the Japanese Penis Festival, and am now in the process of building a temple dedicated to cock on it. I envisage cock fountains squirting frothy white cum, cocks rampant over the temple building, and a lake of semen.

On the advice of RJ, designer and builder extraordinaire, I am also installing so many particle effects and sounds that it causes a huge amount of lag for the unpleasant Mr Gastel. RJ is another straight man who hates hate; he was happy to spend an hour with me on the land this morning creating huge one-prim spinning blocks with so many effects built in that when Aprikat visited, the lag caused her to crash immediately. In addition, Aprikat has promised me a free-roaming Godzilla which spews 600-particle flames, bumping up the lag still further (I can't wait!).

Lastly, I will leave the land up for sale at twice the price Masahiro asked for it. I don't need the money, so it's no skin off my nose. If the guy wants it, he can just go in there and buy it. If he doesn't, well, the temple can stay there indefinitely as far as I'm concerned.

PS: Of course, if he writes a full apology to Masahiro, he can have it at the original asking price of 16,000$L. I'm a reasonable guy.


Comment by linuxess ewing on 8 May 2007 at 13:45

omg! i couldn't stop laughing. i can't wait to see that creation! and tat look on that arse's face when he realised wat's happening! just so disgusted wif his behaviour. and i tot i had one of the worse neighbours..

Comment by Anonymous on 20 May 2007 at 19:54

Well in response to this i have just a few comments but in the end we all have our own opinions, and thats okay:

First, this poster only had one side of the story and did not allow information to enter his brain that did not reflect his initial assessment. Agian, to each his own....

Second, this poster states the price of this plot was "slightly above market at 16000 lindens". The current price for 512's is acutally 5000-7000 lindens. I offered the owner 12000 at last offer, for the record.

Next, the poster here states that something to the effect that my building is of noob creation and that I have only been on a few months. To this comment I have two notions to express. First, my avie was born in novemeber of 2006 while his was created in October. The difference, in his mind, between noob versus non noob is very short term indeed. Secondly, is he making fun of "noobs" to Secondlife? I dont claim to be a builder but have given it a shot. Most of my creation a good friend of mine created. I will be sure to pass on the message that her work is not good, by the bloggers standards.

Fourth, and almost finally, this poster says I called gay males uppity. In reality this was not even close. In a long chat I indicated that it was my experiene for gay man to be the most stubborn in RL. I honestly didnt remember ths portion of the converstation until it was brought to my attention. In defense of this communication, I tried to explain that my very good rl friend (a gay man) and i were just discussing that notion as we observed a fairly comical instance in a local cafe. Without describing that instance, i will say that it was wrong of me to state what my rl friend had said, in secondlife. In secondlife there is no referenece to rl converstations so i can understand why it could upset someone. I asked maka to give me the persons full name so I could communicate with them, he has yet to provide that. In the end, this brief converstation was vanilla at best.

Lastly, there are a few other comments I would like to make. I comminicated with the original owner about getting a bigger better plot for more prims. He had hit his maximum prim limit so I said that was boring. He never said he built it, and I never questioned the craftmanship.

I have communicated with this blogger in secondlife extactly twice to date. It is apparent he has taken it upon himself to make some sort of point. When I ask him what that is, it is not immediately clear expect he says, "apologize and i will sell you land". To me land is not of the issue, if i have unwillingly offended someone let it be known and let me apologize.

Additionaly he states that i threatened with my security fences. Again, to clarify, I actually said these fences are not personal against my neighbors. I have them up becasue many people where doing bad things to my business and i wanted to limit access. I repeated this several times.

This blogger very clearly spells out his intentions to "hurt" me with penis statues and lag monsters. I actually saw the initial stages of his building and responded that it could actaully be nice. If he thinks its going to "hurt" me, that is his perspective, and I guess thats okay. I had tried to state my goals with the plot which was to express creativity. If needs to do that...more power to him. I could respond with grief and high walls, but have not chose to take that route.

I have just returned from a death in the family to see this posting and his creations. He sent me an im stating to apologize and he will sell as he states in his blog. When I tried to ask additional information he did not have the time. I havent thought twice about this in my absence, as death is consuming, and will apologize for my "gay male are stubborn" comment immediately. I wasnt aware of the context, which is my fault.

I wanted to "clarify" some things for this blogger as he has failed to review both sides, honestly. He expresses a great deal of malice without fully knowing the background, myself, or how to deal with things by communication.

I am not unreasonable, and anyone that took the time to communicate, would understand that.

To each his own, and to all a good night.