Proposal for a new residential sim

Posted by Mak on 13:16

At a meeting of the CNDG last week, I was caught short (ahem!) and when Chant asked people for ideas about a new sim, I completely forgot about an idea I had back in April, which I actually did quite a lot of work on. I am going to put it forward this at the next meeting of the CNDG as a serious proposal to see if they like the look of it, and so that we all know what I'm talking about, I'll put the details in this blog and pass on the link. Here we go then.

The sim has a working title of "Arboreal James Bond" which will give you an idea of the direction I'm heading in. I was inspired by this fantastic modern treehouse, which will need to be built from scratch by someone comfortable with sweeping curves, and also by some of the buildings which are already available on SL, e.g. Parker McTeague's stuff (see, and my current fave, Dharma Prefabs and Interiors (, Fade Languish's builds and furniture at Cult Living, and those available at Maximum Minimum ( would also be appropriate.
These luxury homes will be a mixture of these treehouses, prefab extremely modern houses perched on struts on the sides of mountains, and beach houses; if possible, a few smaller modernistic homes should also be made available for the less wealthy resident. In order to maintain the look of the sim, I think I will have to request that all owners and occupants speak to me first before erecting anything of their own.
The sim will boast two communal areas, to encourage visitors and community life: the Beach Club and the Volcano Cave.

The Beach Club

... will be located in the bay on a wide sandy beach. A partially-open geodesic dome, there will be a music/club/dance area on the sand outside and a chill-out zone inside with piped music. I like to play chess with Simon, so a decent working chessboard would be nice :) Outside on the beach, there should be sunbeds, towels, swimming and surfing animations, a beach shower, and any suitable games we can lay our hands on.We should also allow a couple of vendors to sell beachwear and similar here. It's always nice to go shopping. There should also be a beach restaurant where we can take our mates out for a meal - for free, of course.

The Volcano Cave
In the centre of the island is a volcano, covered with trees on the outside, except for the crater, which smokes, rumbles, and sends up a lava flare occasionally. The cave at the centre of the volcano can be accessed via some tunnels in the cliff wall behind the communal beach. You reach the cave by following the torch-lit tunnels, passing walls of glowing orange, smoking, free-flowing lava, and crossing a ricketty rope bridge over a lava river.

Eventually you find yourself in a huge dark space, with dark congealed lava flow shapes mounting up the walls. In the centre of the cave is a pool of smoking hot, bubbling lava, like a traditional fountain-cum-pool water feature: it illuminates the cave and acts as a focal point. Spread around the cave are quiet areas for lying and relaxing, massage (non-sexual!). A natural hot spring pool with seating poses steams away in one corner. Strange plants - jagged and spikey - push up from the sandy floor. Mad mosses grow up the walls. Lizards scurry around.

More details when I have time to post them. I already have a proper layout of the whole island. Watch this space...


Comment by Esmiel on 9 August 2007 at 14:08

You got my backing on this one I would give my left nut to see this happen.

Comment by Linuxess on 10 August 2007 at 14:26

Wow.. speechless. please let tat happen!

Comment by Gabe on 11 August 2007 at 15:23

yes Mak - go for it. Let's do it and make it real. What a wonderful idea. :) :) :)

(see - isn't my big brother smart and wonderful?)

Comment by Anonymous on 1 September 2007 at 22:32

BOO! This looks awesome. Long time no see. How's everything going? =^.^= (your old neko friend) Russ.