Antisocial Behaviour Redux

Posted by Mak on 10:21

Well, I posted Dazzle's comment, as you will see if you scroll down. A few corrections:

a) When I posted my original rant, I'd heard more than one side of the story: I'd had a conversation with Masa about the whole affair, I'd seen copy and pasted chunks of his and Dazzle's argument, and I'd had an hour-long argument with Dazzle. I'd based my opinion of Dazzle's behaviour on all three/four.
b) Market price: well, we can agree to disagree here. I paid 14,000L$ for my own plot in Sept 2006. Three plots surrounding Masa and Dazzle's land are currently on the market for 25,000L$. And the plot Masa wanted to buy cost 16,000 L$, which is why he was selling at that price. I do think it's strange that a buyer should expect a seller to drop his price to whatever suits the buyer.
c) The noob is the guy on the other side of Masa's land! Read it again! And I most certainly am not making fun of noobs - I am very noob friendly.
d) The word uppity was my own; if it had been a direct quote, I would have used quotation marks as I did when I quoted Dazzle as saying Masa's use of his own land was "boring". BTW, he didn't mention his good gay friend in our original 1 hour chat, when I accused him of homophobia, which would have been an excellent place to drop it into the conversation we were having about how gays were "taking over" Seattle. Lastly, I find it hard to believe Dazzle would need Masa's full name from me (I don't remember him asking for it) given that he had spent the previous week IM-ing him constantly, and had also met him face to face several times.

Other comments:
Yes, only 2 communications, but totalling about one and a half hours. The "security fences": I didn't feel threatened by them - I said they had cut off access to anyone who didn't teleport in, they had spoiled Masa's view and they'd made his land less attractive to potential buyers. I would love to say my penis statues had the ability to hurt people, but alas, they are just inert statues. And Godzilla never made an appearance in the end as I had run out of prims!

Since then, Dazzle has written an apology to Masahiro, which I hereby reproduce in full. Of course, I'm certain that this apology owes more to the fact that he wants me to drop the land to its original price of 16,000L$ again than to any genuine regret about his bullying tactics and un-SL-like attitudes, but I will take him at face value, because believe it or not, I am a nice guy. If he buys, that's up to him. If he doesn't, I have a tenant who only ever uses teleport to access his skypod ready to move onto the land.

I have heard my converstation with you did not make you feel good.
I would like to apologize for my comments, that you found offensive.
i have posted a blog with maka and if you need more clarifcation feel free to im me.
I did/do not mean any bad will or any such thing to yourself.

One more thing: I will not allow any more comments from Dazzle on my blog (it is my blog, after all!). I think I've wasted enough space on this subject now. There are far more interesting things to think about, like Gabe's almost completed house!


Comment by linx on 21 May 2007 at 16:52

i tot he should get his own blog if he has to write that much of a comment!! *laughs*