Second Life Voyeurism

Posted by Mak on 10:06

A strange woman appeared next to me today as I was putting windows in Gabe's house.  After being slow to acknowledge my presence (she was obviously checking mine and Gabe's profiles), and despite numerous friendly hellos, she finally said hi, and claimed to have appeared in Gabe's kitchen because she had logged off from there a few weeks back, after having had sex with him ("Gabe, yeah, I remember him lol").  I said I doubted that, as he's gay, and after a pause she said she was just messing with me.  She then said her favourite pastime was tracking down people being unfaithful to their SL partners, catching them having sex, and giving them grief for it.  

I wanted to tell her she was a sad cow and should sod off, but of course, I held back, being a polite bloke.  If she had been a total noob, I could have understood it, but she wasn't.  I can only assume she had "issues" of some kind in RL and was acting them out here.  
In order to get her out of the house, and possibly shame her into giving up her nasty little hobby, I invited her for coffee at the CNDG Plaza.  She never turned up for the coffee, so I lost the chance to probe more deeply into her twisted little world.  Ah well!