My First Building: New England-style Gazebo

Posted by Mak on 10:23

Well, I finally finished my first building, a New England-style gazebo in stained oak planking. It has nearly 300 prims, due largely to the fact that I couldn't find a decent crisp railing texture: I should probably put "making textures" on the top of my To Do list. I enlarged the pond behind it a little, and planted it up, without Gabe's permission (sorry Gabe!), and I will probably have to do a little pruning and landscaping before I'm happy with the whole area, but as for the gazebo itself, I'm quite pleased with it.

It needs some seating - I thought a circular bench might be fun, with some reading and snuggling poses. Alternatively, I guess an Adirondack chair or two. I'll need a similar style bench for seating near the pond, too. I'm currently using an Asian-style lantern, but I'll try and come up with something more appropriate.

Other ideas for the pond area: a bluebell patch, a reading area hidden in the bushes, my catnip bush for those neko moments, some fireflies, butterflies, a bench for sitting and admiring the view, some meadow and pond sounds, a fishing area, fish (!), and perhaps some wildlife such as frogs or toads.

I have already put down Craig Altman's Lovescene sequence in a secluded glade. I really like Lovescene - it's a simple sequence of 8 animations, moving from foreplay to missionary position sex. It's vanilla, but really nicely done, and very sweet. My only quibbles with it are the speed at which it moves from the first to the last pose, and the fact that you have to get off the balls for the essential post-coital cuddle (not always essential, I guess, but it is in this particular style of lovemaking).

In other news, I went a bit mental yesterday and bought a girl's Thai dancing outfit. The pants, belt and floaty cape-thing make me look like a rather expensive rent boy (or Lady boy, if you prefer). I love 'em! Definitely the gayest outfit I own, with the possible exception of my Christmas angel costume.