Genesis of my av

Posted by Mak on 16:38

I thought I'd write a little bit about my av before I launch into all the building stuff. I started off with the generic noob body, the Harajuku version, and free hair from Calla, which as you will see, I kept for quite a long time. Within a couple of weeks, I equipped myself with a working cock (I bought the Xcite pack with cock, ass and nipples), which kept me going for a while. The first time I tried out my cock, I spent about 20 minutes wanking. It was brilliant! My clothes were all freebies, and I spent most of my time hanging around the one friend I had made who soon dumped me because I kept hanging around with her (to be fair, I was practically stalking her, although we weren't shagging; I was just chronically new and clueless).

After a month or so, I bought a skin (Eric, from Cryogen, which I still use), and started to hang out at Whitesands, a mixed beach, and two gay beaches, Boots Beach and Hot 'n' Hung, getting as much action as I could. The novelty of having virtual sex with men soon wore off, and I slowly realized I actually preferred it to having SL sex with women, partly because I felt that I wasn't being unfaithful to my RL girlfriend if I was sleeping with men rather than women (crap, really!), but partly because I enjoyed the freedom of doing whatever (and whoever) I liked.

Around this time I started wearing neko ears and a tail, although I am definitely not submissive by nature (which is what neko guys are supposed to be, from what I can make out). I still hadn't been fucked: even the roughest manliest men I went with wanted me to do them, rather than the other way around, despite my ultra-boyish appearance. If anyone can explain this to me, please get in touch...

So here's my first long term manifestation: me as I appeared at Boots Beach during late 2006. My neck's a bit long and I look too young here, but it's pretty good... I wanted to look Eurasian and younger than I am, since that's what I look like in RL, but to be a cuter version of my RL self. I like to think of my av as Morpheus' "residual self-image" (The Matrix).

I met Simon Lufbery and Gabe Semyorka at around this time. I had an instant rapport with Simon, who was an aficionado of the hardcore end of the SL gay sex scene, because he sings the sort of choral music in RL that I love, and because he's an educated, funny, sexy, charming, interesting man. I started to spend more and more time with him just because I liked his company so much, and eventually, I asked him to be my partner and be exclusive to me. Happily, he agreed. I became closer to Gabe, possibly the sweetest person I have ever met in my life, when his relationship with his partner broke down and he was having trouble with his SL landlord. I really felt sorry for the poor guy, and was happy to spend hours listening to his problems just because he was so damned nice. More about Simon and Gabe in another post...

So here's me in early 2007, with different hair, standing on the roof of my low-grade copy of a Fade Languish house in Henmaris (I still own this plot of First Land, and I intend to put a shop on it eventually). Since then, I've changed my hair again (see my profile pic) and added some more Xcite attachments (ears, lips, shoulders, animated neko ears and tail), but I still have the same skin and the same build.

BTW, people often ask me about my eyes - they're just the basic noob Harajuku eyes set to a massive 85 points, manga-style. I have tried other eyes, but none of them have pupils large enough to cope with my "big-eyed" look, so I've stuck with these.

As for my clothes, I am a regular shopper at The Block (esp. Form), The Laundry, Gritty Kitty, and any place selling wiggy Asian-style clothes. I sometimes buy womens' clothes and adapt them, and I have a number of costumes for fun: an angel, with scripted wings, a black desert arab outfit with cape and headgear, a Persian prince outfit in white, and various period outfits for visiting sims like Caledon. I'm not this clothes-obsessed in RL, BTW - SL has released my inner fop ;-)